Sunday Puja: Do sun worship on the first Sunday of the month of Ashadh, you will get immense success and might

Surya Puja on First Sunday of Ashadh Month: Today June 19 is the first Sunday of the month of Ashadh. In Hinduism, Sunday is dedicated to the Sun God. On this day, the Sun God is pleased by worshiping the Sun. In Hinduism, special importance of sun worship has been told in the month of Ashadh. It is said that worshiping the Sun God on Sundays in the month of Ashadha gives the devotees fast and positive power like themselves. It is a religious belief that by offering water to the Sun God, chanting mantras and saluting the Sun on Sundays, one attains strength, intelligence, knowledge, splendor and might. By observing fast on Sunday and worshiping the Sun God, the ill effects of any planet are reduced.

Suryadev ki worship method

Suryadev ki worship se benefits

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