Superpower 90 made in Maharashtra was explosive, available online for Rs 2910 for 25 kg

Udaipur News: The blast case on Oda Bridge, 35 km away from Udaipur on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad broad gauge railway track (Railway Track Blast Update), has not been disclosed yet. But now the upper hand in the investigation of agencies is coming more on the possibility of Naxalite attack. There are many reasons behind this too, but a big thing has come to the fore in the blast case. This blast was done with an explosive called super power 90. The surprising thing in this is that this explosive is also available online. Let’s know what is super power 90 and why the investigating agencies are looking at it from Naxalite angle?

A packet of 25 kg for Rs 2910
When police and investigative agencies reached the spot after the blast on the railway track, they found a piece of the explosive that caused the blast. It was written on it ‘super power 90, satisfied consumers in more than 50 countries’. When this name was searched on Google, the name of a company from Maharashtra came up. Complete information about this superpower 90 was given in the company. Also there was an option to buy online. A packet of 25 kg is available for Rs 2910, which is being asked for delivery within 7 days. In this, no license demand is being sought from the consumer in any way. When ABP called on the given number, someone picked up from the front. As soon as he was told to speak from Udaipur in Rajasthan, he disconnected the call and then did not pick up. 

Dealers do not supply in Udaipur
There is a mining area in Udaipur, where explosive material is given according to the rules for blasting. Police sources say that when the police talked to the dealers and experts of Udaipur about super power 90, they told that this explosive is not supplied in Udaipur. In such a situation, if it is not available here, then the accused had ordered it from outside. Now the investigating agencies are also looking from where it was supplied. 

Why more possibility of Naxalite angle
Police sources say that initially this incident was seen as a terrorist incident and it was also investigated whether it was local mischief but which Blasted from the pattern, that is the Naxalite method. For this reason, the scope of investigation has increased in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and other Naxalite areas. To make the blast come out, the thread is lit like it is in firecrackers. It is lit from a distance so that the blaster does not get harmed after the blast. When the thread burns, it leaves its mark. But some such marks have been found near the spot blast. There is no sign of burning remotely. That is, a well trained person has blasted it and made it accurate. Apart from this, many things are also coming to the fore on which the agencies are investigating but have not reached the result.

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