Survey ran for 2 days in Gyanvapi Masjid, know what was revealed in 8 hours

Gyanvapi Mosque Survey 2nd Day: Survey work was carried out in Gyanvapi Mosque for two consecutive days in Varanasi’s Shringar Gauri controversy. The survey work was to be completed by 12 o’clock on the second day but the survey lasted more than the scheduled time. The survey was conducted for 8 hours on both the days. Today, on the second day, the team surveyed the walls and domes of the mosque and it is believed that the survey work has been completed but the final decision will be taken by the Advocate Commissioner. On the orders of the judge of the Civil Court, the team of representatives appointed by the court along with the plaintiff and the defendant reached the mosque to conduct a survey. No problem was found during the survey. Told  It is being told that the whole work was done in a smooth manner. The counsel for both the sides says that there was full cooperation from all the people in the survey. Security was tight during the survey as a precaution.

Controversy over the pond on the second day of the survey

A team of 52 people went in on the first day of the survey

The basement was cleaned, wudu performed before entering

Artisans were called to break the lock. But the Intazamia committee gave the key to the cellar before that. The basement was so dirty that it could not be entered, so first it was cleaned. Wazu was done before entering the basement. Then taking off the shoes and slippers, the team entered the basement. The survey was conducted with team torch and halogen light.

This team had received instructions that religious books and mantras would not be touched. A total of 5 rooms were found in the basement, one of which did not have a door. After the survey, the above places have been sealed again. The plaintiff-respondent side fully cooperated in the survey work. Special cameras and lights were arranged for videography of the entire complex.

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