‘Suspending the pilot…too much’, says Air India on DGCA’s decision

Pee-Gate: The investigation into the case of a passenger urinating on an Air India flight is now closed. Air India’s statement on this matter has come out in which it has said that it has closed the internal inquiry into the action of the employees in the incident involving passenger Shankar Mishra. Air India also said that it finds the suspension of the commander’s license excessive in comparison to his fault and will assist him in his appeal. 

According to the news of the website of the English newspaper Hindustan Times, Air India said in its statement, “He took the allegation of the complainant seriously and he was helped by getting new clothes. He was also assisted in clearing his luggage and transferred to another similar business class seat.”

What did Air India say?

In its statement, Air India accepted that the matter should have been reported as a prima facie case of a passenger. The aviation regulator has imposed a fine of Rs 30 lakh on Air India for non-compliance of rules.

Air India appreciates the crew

Air India in its statement further said, “When all the facts were not present, Air India would like to appreciate the efforts of the crew for effectively handling the situation in real time.” It also notes that the business class passenger’s written statement at the time included explicit praise for the actions of the cabin crew and criticism of the pilot for having a different relationship.

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