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The Episode starts with Micky saying but Ginni’s condition. Swaran says I will become your family, will you come, Matarani is showing you a way. Jai says you told me that you won’t lie to me and I won’t lie to you, I m still keeping the promise. Ajit says I m also keeping the promise, the locality people were ousting her from the house. Jai says anyone else would have saved her. Ajit says Kanwal took my promise and wrote my name in his will. Jai asks are you there for the will or these letters. Neelu asks why are you spending so much when we have less money to run the house, you want to make food for the Kanjak puja. Swaran says Matarani will help us. Jai says Swaran wrote the letters, what’s happening, mum was alive there, how can any woman write letters for you, I didn’t read it, but it will have what I m thinking. Ajit reads the letters. Jai says I don’t want to listen. Ajit asks him to sit. He asks Jai to listen to it and then decide. He reads the next letter.

He asks Jai to read all the letters himself. He says Swaran and I used to share everything since childhood, she started writing letters to me on Kanwal’s saying, she wrote about her family and my family, what did she write, its true that I have never told your mum about these letters, she could have not understood, she was not open minded like Kanwal ji, Swaran was my friend, that’s it, Kanwal ji made me promise that I will take care of my friend after his death, I m doing that, don’t you trust your dad. Jai cries and says I trust you and will always do, I want to become like you, tell me, who would you choose, family or Swaran. Ajit hugs him.

Vikram says we didn’t find Ajit in the house. Nimmo asks how can this happen, make this phone work and check it. Yug asks what was the need to go there as a thief. She says I did this for you three, I m so worried for you, you are here since many days, you are calling me a thief. Kiran says my mum is thinking a lot for you all, Yug say sorry. Yug asks why. Nakul says Yug… Yug says sorry aunty ji. Nimmo says basement tenant left because of you all, I have much losses.

Swaran says Micky isn’t a Kanjak, but I want to feed her the Ashtami food, I think Kanwal’s wish will get fulfilled, a daughter will come home. Vikram says I will pay you money. Nimmo says 40000rs. Vikram says Nakul give 20000rs to her, I will transfer 20000rs. Kiran says its my mum’s house, why would Nakul pay. Vikram asks Yug about it. Yug says I don’t have it now. Vikram transfers money to Nimmo. Nimmo happily goes to make masala tea. Jessica calls Swaran. Jessica and Anisha call Swaran. Swaran cries and says if you were here, then I would have done the puja. Jessica says sorry, I had called Vikram. Swaran says don’t be sorry, thanks for calling, take care.

Swaran says its Matarani’s sign. Door bell rings. Micky and Ginni come home. Swaran asks Neela to come fast. She says first tenants of Swaran ghar working women hostel have come. She shows the house to them. Neelu says I have set their room. Swaran does Ginni’s aarti after washing her feet. Ginni eats the laddoos. Neelu says this laddoo was for bhog. Ginni says sorry, Kanjak is like Matarani avatar, I didn’t do wrong. Swaran says yes. Ginni asks for washroom. Micky says we didn’t discuss about rent. Swaran asks Micky to take Ginni first. Neelu says I don’t like her, you are innocent. Swaran says I m not innocent, I raised three kids, we will handle her. Nimmo is with her friends. She says Micky has gone to stay in Swaran ghar. Swaran puts the hostel board. It falls. Ajit comes and holds it.

He says I will fix this. She says no, I would like to fix it, thanks. Nakul says boss is calling me, we have to go back. Yug says I also have to leave soon. They see Swaran and Ajit fixing the board. Nakul asks Yug to call Vikram. Vikram also gets angry seeing Ajit. Ajit says I had come to ask something, is this right. Swaran asks what do you mean. Ajit says I know you are running short of money, why can’t I help. She says I can manage it myself, I want to do it myself, you don’t know where we women save the money. He says I know, rice box, my wife used to keep it there, I made pulao at night and it turned out to be costly. Vikram goes to remove the board. Swaran and Ajit push him away.

Vikram says I will throw this board. Ajit scolds him. Vikram says she wants to keep daughters here to show that we sons are useless. Yug says you make another board, that you hate your sons. Nakul says yes, sons are useless. Swaran says sons are responsible, such son was your dad and Ajit too, I feel proud. Vikram says you should be ashamed. They argue with Swaran. He says you taught all this worldly things to me by insulting me, you all left me, but my fourth child Swaran ghar is with me, I don’t need any child now, I will make a new start, I got one daughter home. She smiles. Nakul says you will remove this board yourself. She says you will take your words back. Vikram says you are weak. Ajit says she will learn everything, you all are weak, you insulted her, she is fearless, I won’t let her fall. Vikram says fine, lets bet, if Swaran arranges five tenant, at least three, then we sons will step back, else we will come back in the house, do you agree, tell me. Swaran says I accept, if I don’t do this, then I will open the door of Swaran ghar for you three.

The episode ends.

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