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The Episode starts with Shorvori saying we will make a reel. Swaran tries to say. Neelu says I have written everything here, just read it. Swaran reads it. Shorvori asks her to look in front. Ajit asks Swaran to talk freely. Swaran talks freely and gets comfortable. She says a house also blooms when there is love, I know to make the house a home, just pack your bags and come to Swaran ghar. Shorvori says its made, and its really good. Jai says Ajit and my relation is of friends, we never hid anything. Ankita says I understand but she has lied. Jai says she has told me the reason of the lie, I have no problem with his actions, for him, we are his world.

Ajit says Shorvori ji, many people have written comments. He reads the comments. Swaran gets sad. Ajit reads more and Swaran corrects his English. She says you would have failed in all subjects if I didn’t teach you everything. Ajit says Swaran used to teach me English in school. Shorvori says I m your principal then, I teach Swaran. Micky comes to the parlor for work. She sees the ladies waiting. She says I will just come and do the waxing. The ladies smile. They think to teach a lesson to Micky.

They act to get rashes and blame Micky. Micky’s boss scolds her. Micky says I didn’t add anything in the water. Suman says all the treatments will be free today. The lady says call someone else. Suman takes Micky out and says I have much stress, just go, we will talk later. Swaran and Ginni look on. Micky sees them and says my appointments are done, I will come along.

Swaran thinks to fix things. Vikram says Swaran is standing against me, she was very simple before, when dad didn’t give our share, she got ready to give us money, since Ajit came, the equation changed. His friend says just tell me, we will handle him. Vikram says he is so shameless, he doesn’t care. Bittu says we will kidnap his family member. Vikram asks can this happen when nobody gets to know. Bittu says think its done.

Ajit recalls Swaran. He says I wish I could beat all of them and teach them a lesson, but I can’t do this, because your sons are the ones troubling you. Ginni argues with Micky. Swaran asks what happened at the parlor. Micky says no, it was a bad day today. Swaran says you have to fix it right now, people behave with you like you allow them, I stayed quiet that day, maybe I should have not been quiet, go back and prove them wrong. Micky hugs her and goes. Swaran gets a message from Ajit. He encourages her to not cry and give a solid reply. Swaran says I gave a lecture to Micky, what about me, they are troubling her because she is staying in Swaran ghar. Micky comes back to the parlor. Suman asks her to go.

Swaran asks is anyone free for manicure. Suman says yes. Swaran says Micky is free, why can’t she work. Suman says come, she will do. Swaran and Micky hear the taunts from the ladies. Swaran praises Micky and says don’t let Micky leave the parlor. Micky gets another customer. Swaran answers the ladies. She taunts Preeto about her daughter.

She scolds the ladies and defends Micky. She leaves. Shabashiyaan….plays… Jai gets caught by some goons. The goons threaten Jai. Vikram asks Bittu did you send them, update me, thanks. Yug says I have to go to Mumbai soon. Vikram says this time, mum won’t say anything. Jai gets beaten up. The goon gets a black colour. Vikram says this time, Ajit won’t be here to stop me. Jai turns away when the goon throws the black colour. Ajit comes in between and the black colours falls over his face. Ajit cleans his face.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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