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The Episode starts with Vikram saying mum has come to help Nakul, she will have to face this now, I will do anything to save myself. He hides. Ajit hears the news. He comes out to see. Jai switches off the tv. He lies to Ajit and goes to get water. Ajit asks is Swaran fine. Rajeshwari comes to talk to Arjun. She asks am I going to buy your wedding ring or did you ask Bua to buy it. He asks don’t you have any problem. She says you don’t trust me, I m happy if you are happy. He thanks her.

The ladies scold Swaran. She sees their faces. She says sorry, I really feel bad, but I will help, I will treat you. The lady asks will this get fine. Swaran says yes, ice and haldi will help. She asks constable to arrange some ice, or cold water. Shorvori asks what are you doing. Swaran says let me try. She asks inspector for cold water. She asks the ladies to sit. She says I will mix this. She asks constable for a bowl, any clean utensil, look at their faces, try, thanks. Constable gives some bowl. Swaran says it will get fine now. Ajit comes home and calls out Bebe and Swaran. Bebe says you have come. Neelu says no fever can stop Ajit. Ajit asks where is Swaran, I feel worried. Bebe says she has gone to police station. He asks why. The lady says you can’t save your son by doing this. Swaran says no, I m not doing this to save him but to help you, I know he did a mistake, give me a chance. Inspector gets a file. He stops Swaran. He says you are Nakul and Vikram’s mum, Swaran Bedi. She says yes. He says Swaran Nikhar’s owner. She gets arrested. Vikram says sorry mum, you have to pay a price for being the company MD, law catches the owner, not the workers, you didn’t do anything to save me, so I had to do this, sorry. He goes. Ajit comes and shouts on the police. He asks them to get back. Swaran looks at him.

Inspector asks who are you to threaten the police. Ajit says don’t make this mistake. Inspector says she is MD of the company, so she will get arrested. Ajit says you are doing wrong. Inspector says I will beat you. Ajit says you can break my bones, but don’t touch her. Swaran asks Ajit not to take risk. She says Ajit is unwell. Inspector says arrest both of them. Bebe says I will sit on hunger strike here, what will you go. Shorvori and Neelu also sit with Bebe. Bebe argues with Inspector. Ajit asks shall we not fight for our right. Inspector asks what right, get out, Swaran is the company owner, charge is on her. Ajit says she is not the owner of any company. Inspector asks is this paper fake. Ajit says yes. Nakul says Ajit is lying to save mummy. Ajit says I m not lying, her children have snatched everything from her. Nakul says mum is the MD of the company. Ajit says no, we had given this in the newspaper also, that she isn’t related to Swaran Nikhar. Swaran asks when did you do this, tell me. Ajit says I promised Kanwal that I will take care of Swaran, I m keeping the promise, when her children snatched everything from her, I have done this, I knew they will do such a wrong thing so I removed her name from the company. Bebe says you did good. Inspector asks Ajit to show the newspaper. Ajit gets the newspapers. He asks Inspector to check the newspapers and dates also. Swaran cries seeing Ajit. Lawyer comes and gives the bail papers. She says Swaran does a job in Arjun Deol’s company as a receptionist. Swaran asks Bebe to get up now. Swaran says listen to me, please. She gets freed. She says I know my son did a mistake, can’t you leave him. Inspector says its in the ladies’ hand. they filed the complaint, else I have to take the action. Swaran apologizes to the ladies and says I will fix it. The lady asks will you apply this cream and show everyone, its easy to say. Swaran says fine, if my children can get saved then I will apply this cream.

Ajit stops Swaran. Bebe and Shorvori ask Swaran why is she applying the cream. Swaran says my sons have added the fake kesar, I will apply the cream. The lady says its fine, if you can do this for your son then we will also forgive you. Swaran thanks her. The lady asks inspector to leave Nakul. Nakul gets freed. The lady taunts him for being a useless son. Swaran and everyone leave. Swaran sees Ajit leaving and stops him. She asks won’t you give me a chance to say thanks, won’t you look at me. He says I just did my duty. She cries. He says don’t cry, no one can touch you, I will not leave them, I will always stand by you.

Aarav asks did you save dad. Shorvori says Ajit and Swaran saved Nakul. Swaran says this case didn’t end, Vikram can’t run away like this.

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