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The Episode starts with Swaran going to the door to meet Nakul. Micky and Nehmat stop Ajit from meeting Nakul, it will be a new drama. Ajit says there won’t be any drama. Nakul says I want to talk to you. Swaran asks them to come. She asks the girls to move aside, there is nothing to hide, sit there. The girls move. Nakul sees Ajit. Ajit gets up. Swaran says I would have not asked them to move if I had to hide anything, I don’t have a habit to do anything secretly, Vikram has hurt me yesterday, you made me happy by coming here by the door. Nakul says everything happened because of this man, Ajit stays in Swaran ghar, right, answer me. He stops Neelu. He says I have to talk to mummy. Micky says talk in front of us, she won’t go. Amber says we will not leave her. Nehmat says we are with aunty, Ajit stays here, we all want him here. Amber says we are enough for any thief, uncle is here because he cares for us. Swaran asks them to go to their rooms. She sends everyone. Ajit says I will wait outside. He leaves.

Nakul says congrats, you got three daughters, everything could have got fine, but you lost, I was going to US tonight and then I thought you care for me, you love me, but I didn’t know that you don’t love me now, your sons are dead for you, these girls took our place, they were showing love for you like they are your daughters, Neelima is also your daughter, was it so easy for you to forget us. Swaran says no. Nakul says I don’t think you regard me your son, you would have removed my things from the room. She says memories are in heart, not in non living things, I have erased memories, I don’t want to spoil my life, I remember everything. He says it means you have changed. She says I changed to erase bad memories, but not like you, just money and house matter to you, not your mum, these girls didn’t take your place. He asks did Ajit take dad’s place. She says he came here with your dad’s wish, not his own wish. He asks really. She says yes, I wanted to thank you three, I got courage today to face the problems. He says right, then we should get an award, I made a mistake, I cancelled my US tickets, I thought everything will sort out if I talk to you once. He leaves. He stumbles at the door. She shouts Nakul. He says no, you handle your daughters. He goes. She cries. Micky looks on. She goes and gives the phone to Nakul. She says it fell in the hall. He says thanks, my relation with this house broke today, this has become of Ajit now. Kiran looks on. Micky says aunty misses you three a lot, she got emotional in the fair. Nakul says don’t act good, you are trying to support mummy, she has forgotten us. She says I have to support her, she didn’t throw anything related to you, she kept it safe in storeroom, she wants to take past along, love always stays, parents and children’s love is with rights and joy. Nakul says keep your lecture to yourself, I don’t need this. He leaves. Kiran calls Amber and scolds her. Amber says I thought Nakul would tell you, he came here for patchup. Kiran asks her to forget Ashu. Amber cries and says I can’t stay without Ashu, I will show that I can help. Nehmat comes there. She says Micky has an idea to cheer up aunty, come. Kiran asks where did you go today. Nakul says I went home to get a file from mum. She asks him to show the file. He says I didn’t get it there, I will make a call. Vikram comes to talk to him. Nakul says I have work. Nimmo asks them to sit and have apples.

Nakul goes. Kiran says Ajit is staying in swaran ghar. Vikram asks what, I will kill him. Kiran says let this go on, we will go to Swaran’s pind and find Swaran and Ajit’s connection. She says Yug and Nakul have a soft corner for mummy, we won’t involve them in the plan. Vikram says no one should know our real names, don’t let anyone know your identities, mum has to pay a price for this. Swaran cries seeing the family pic. She talks to her sons and calls them the biggest asset for her. Micky says Swaran is your friend, you know what can change her mood and make her smile. Neelu says Kanwal would have done shayari and made her smile. Ajit says Swaran likes singing and dancing a lot. Nehmat asks how will we bring her out of the room. Micky says leave it to me. She goes to Swaran and says come with me, Nehmat and Ginni are fighting. Kiran and Nimmo reach the pind. Kiran jokes on her age. Swaran goes with Micky. She gets surprised. Everyone sings and dances around Swaran. Swaran gets a smile. Ajit smiles. Kiran and Nimmo try to find about Swaran. The ladies run to beat them. Kiran and Nimmo run to their car. Nimmo says they all are mad, we got saved. Micky says no one should snatch your cute smile. Swaran hugs the girls.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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