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The Episode starts with Micky saying I will call Amber. She calls out Amber. Amber shuts the chest. She hides the letters and pics. Micky looks for her. Nimmo and Kiran ask someone to take their order. Ajit comes. Kiran taunts him. Ajit gets angry. Servant stops him and says they will say anything wrong about the dhaba, I will see them. Kiran and Nimmo give the order. They say Ajit will get troubled now and then Swaran. Amber sees Swaran and calls her patakha. Micky says thanks, I know that, but something is less. Amber gets a rose for Swaran. Swaran asks shall I open eyes now. She sees the makeup.

Nimmo and Kiran eat the spicy food and shout to get water. Ajit says there is no water. They ask for water. He gets the water pipe and fills the water glasses. He says you will get some soap taste in this, you will vomit and get the poison out. Kiran asks Nimmo to record her. She complains about the dhaba. Ajit says they didn’t come here to have food, they came to insult me. Nimmo argues with him. He says I do my work well, I can make food, guard, and treat you, I don’t know why you went to my pind, but I will find out, if you try to ignite fire, then you will burn in it first. He asks them to have sweets. He goes. Nimmo asks how did he know that we went to his pind. Swaran recalls Kanwal. Ajit says you are tolerating a lot, if I had shown courage that time, then you would have not tolerated this today, I m here today and also courage, I will never leave the support ever. Swaran asks Kanwal how does she look now. She recalls the marriage. She sees his pic and cries.

Ajit comes to meet her. He sees her and recalls their childhood. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She says I came to ask Kanwal how am I looking. He asks what did Kanwal say. He jokes on her. Amber and Micky come. Ajit says she looks like a monkey. Micky asks what, did I do such bad makeup. Swaran says don’t argue with him, his brain is in his knees. Ajit says Swaran had become Sita, I had become Ram, she did makeup and got scared seeing herself, then she started crying, makeup got washed off with the tears, then she asked me how do I look, I said she looks like a monkey, she ran after me to beat me. They laugh. Swaran asks is it done, I was the best Sita of the pind, you didn’t look Ram, monkey. Amber gets Kiran’s call. The letters fall there. Ajit looks on. Amber picks it and goes. Swaran says you scared her.

Amber comes to Kiran and Nimmo. Kiran stops Amber from calling Nimmo mummy ji. She asks for the proof. Amber gives the letters. Kiran asks Nimmo to calm down. She says I will call, you go now. Swaran tries to get the flour box. Ajit helps Swaran. She says you didn’t tell me why you are staying here. Ajit says there is a big reason. Amber comes back. Ajit says postman told me that Nimmo and Kiran are finding out about us, how can someone fall so low. Swaran says our news got printed in the newspaper, because Kanwal has put your name in the will, I got arrested, you have come here to stay, they will use this against you, there is still time, go from here. He says but… She says there is no need of but, just go. He says I will do what I thought. She asks are you saying this.

Ajit says society is troubling you, I will stand by you. She says I have to stay alone, if Kanwal was here, then he would have understood. He asks shall I make tea. She asks him to go out and make tea. She calls him stubborn. He says I m not leaving the house. He goes. Kiran and Nimmo read the letters. They don’t get anything interesting in the letters. Ajit recalls Swaran’s words. He goes to help someone. He lifts the tractor to bring it out of the pit. The man thanks him. He says sometimes its better if two people do the work, it saves time. Ajit says you said a big thing. He says Swaran, I know you can do all the work alone, but two people can do it better, sometimes you need someone’s support.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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