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The Episode starts with Rajeshwari coming to Arjun. He asks her to sit. She sees Swaran there. Swaran prays for her children. Ajit prays for his children’s happiness, and that Swaran’s prayer gets fulfilled, and also for his dhaba. Rajeshwari says pray that you get the dhaba land. Arjun says we will get it, don’t worry. Swaran leaves. Arjun sees Ajit and smiles.

Rajeshwari says I will not let Arjun go after that woman. Arjun sits cutting onions. His finger gets cut. Ajit goes to him and puts some haldi. He says haldi helps in cuts and burns, put the onions in water first and then cut it, else it makes you cry. Arjun says thanks. Ajit says its my daily work, I have a…. Ajit and Arjun get calls from their lawyers. Ajit also sits to cut the onions.

Ajit asks are you doing this for any prayer or own happiness. Arjun asks for whom are you doing this. Ajit says for my friend, you tell me now. Arjun says I have to complete an incomplete meet. Ajit says I will pray for your prayer to get complete. Arjun says I will pray for your friend. Swaran prays to meet Aarav. Kiran, Vikram and Nimmo bring Aarav to the Gurudwara. Aarav asks for Swaran. Kidnappers follow. A man says I have seen Kiran somewhere, you share NRI pics on social media, right, can we have a selfie. Aarav asks Nimmo to come. He goes calling out Swaran. Kidnapper follows him. He goes inside the Gurudwara. Swaran sees Nimmo and Kiran. She asks for Aarav. Kiran says now we have the business and house. Swaran avoids them. Kiran says bless our company, Swaran Nikhar. Swaran hears Vikram and turns to see him. Vikram sees Swaran.

Swaran blesses Vikram to get successful. Kiran says she does a drama even here. Kidnapper holds Aarav. Aarav goes to Swaran. Kidnapper says sorry, I thought he is my Balbeer. Aarav asks Swaran to come home. Kiran asks him to come home. He says no, I want to have food here and go. Swaran asks him to come, she will wait for him. Ajit and Arjun serve the food to the people. Swaran also comes there. Rajeshwari worries. Arjun asks her to sit and taste the food. She says commissioner called and said he has to give imp information about the kidnappers. She takes him. Aarav collides with Arjun. He says sorry and goes. Aarav calls out Swaran. Swaran asks him to sit and have food. Ajit asks Aarav is he okay. Aarav asks whose birthday is it. Swaran tells about Guru Harkishan’s birthday. She asks him to become a good person. Aarav says I get scared sometimes, you aren’t with me. Ajit looks at Vikram. Kidnappers come there. Swaran asks him to chant Vaaheguru’s name when he feels scared. Aarav likes the food. He asks did you make it. She says everyone made it together. She serves the food to Vikram. Aarav asks him to eat well, he just fights Kiran at home. He calls Nimmo bad to fight with everyone.

He says we don’t get any food on time since Swaran left. Swaran cries. Rajeshwari scolds Swaran. Swaran says its Guru’s prasad, everyone has a right on it, your thinking is different. She gets a call from the travel agency. She thinks to give chocolate to Aarav. The kidnappers ask Kiran to take a selfie with them. Kiran agrees. Aarav goes. Swaran asks Ajit to give the tiffin to Bebe. He says I will drop you, come. She says I will go on my own. She goes. Aarav sees a chocolate fallen there and goes to take it. He eats it. The kidnapper goes towards him. Swaran worries.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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