Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: Knowing the truth of Sanskari Bapuji, Sodhi was shocked by 440 vaults

Bapuji plans party shortty
In recent episode it was shown that Sodhi saw Bapuji doing party shorty and when he told this to all his friends Iyer, Popatlal, Mehta Sahab When I told Bhide, Jethalal and Dr. Hathi, no one was ready to believe Sodhi’s words. But Sodhi has once again secretly heard everything about Bapuji. And he is stunned to hear those things. Bapuji is once again planning a party short on the phone and Sodhi has heard this truth from his ears. 

Even though Sodhi has full faith in his eyes and ears, but no one is believing Sodhi’s words. But Sodhi has also declared that if his words turn out to be false, then he will leave Gokuldham Society and go somewhere forever.  

Sodhi will make a plan to catch Bapuji red-handed
Sodhi is surprised after hearing Bapuji’s words, but to make everyone believe in his words, Sodhi has now caught Bapuji red-handed. Will also make a plan to catch. Bapuji is planning to meet his friends at eight o’clock in the night, so what will Sodhi do now? Will he be able to catch Bapuji red handed?  Is Bapuji really doing party short or will it turn out to be something else. This is going to be very interesting to see.   

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