Take care of your hair like this in summer

1- Do not forget to cover the hair- Whenever you go out of the house, especially in strong sunlight, then definitely cover the hair with a scarf, to protect it from the strong rays of the sun falling on the hair. Of course, even the dust will not stick to the hair. Even if wearing a helmet, first cover the hair with a cotton cloth because the synthetic present in the helmet is very harmful. If the hair is covered then the damage will be less as well as use the heating appliance at least in summer.

2- Do not shampoo every day- Sweating on the head more in summer, it can cause dandruff, people clean the hair every day to remove dandruff, which is not right by washing hair daily. The natural oil present in the hair gets lost. Wash your hair every two days, but with only water or less shampoo, it will also reduce hair breakage.

3- Don’t forget to condition- Whenever shampooing hair in summer, don’t forget to condition, choose a protein based conditioner to reduce any damage caused by shampoo. One thing to keep in mind is that conditioner with high protein can damage the hair and also choose sulfate free shampoo Deep conditioning the hair once a week.

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