Taliban and Pakistani army clash on Afghan border, bullets fired overnight on Durand line

Military Clash Between Taliban and Pakistan: The Durand Line, the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, is the main cause of tension between Pakistan and the Taliban. The situation between the two countries is tense regarding this. On Sunday (November 21) too, there was firing from both sides, in which Pakistani border guard was killed and many people were reported injured. 

According to a report, military forces from both sides of the border opened fire on each other in Afghanistan’s southeastern Paktya province, in which many people were injured. The Durand Line has been a bone of contention between the Taliban and Pakistan since the capture of Kabul last year. Often there are reports of violent clashes between the two countries due to this.

Crossing closed 

The Chaman-Spin Boldak crossing is approximately 100 km southeast of Kandahar city, Afghanistan, and approximately 100 km northwest of Quetta, Pakistan. After this skirmish, the crossing was closed as a result. People pass through this crossing continuously. In such a situation, keeping it open in the midst of a clash can harm people’s lives.  

The conflict has happened many times before

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August last year, leading to the fall of the US-backed government and hastening Washington’s troop withdrawal. Earlier on November 13, a Pakistani soldier was killed by an armed man at the southern Spin Boldak border. was murdered. In response, the Pakistani government has closed its border demanding the suspect be handed over to Pakistan. 

Durand Line Controversy

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