Talk about 200 megapixels is old, Samsung will present 450 megapixels, know details

Samsung 450 MP Camera Phone: Currently there are many smartphones with 108 megapixel camera in the market and work is going on on 200 megapixel mobile camera sensor, but in the meantime news has come out that Samsung (Samsung) 450 Working on the megapixel ISOCELL camera sensor. A report by Hexa2pixel claims that Samsung has filed a trademark application for the 450-megapixel sensor. Let us tell you, the trademark application of this sensor of Samsung has been seen on KIPRIS in South Korea and TMView in Europe. Both these are trademark websites. Last month, Samsung introduced the 200 MP ISOCELL HP3 sensor with Tera2pixel technology.

Apply for Trademark of Hexa2pixel Sensor

Samsung has applied for the trademark of Hexa2pixel sensor. According to a report by SamMobile, this sensor is going to be the biggest mobile sensor ever, although no disclosure has been made by Samsung so far, nor has the company clarified this camera sensor. Or will it be just a sensor, with which the resolution of 450 megapixels will be available.

Samsung unveils 200-megapixel ISOCELL HP3 image sensor

This sensor of Samsung may have been introduced, but so far this sensor has not been seen in any Samsung phone, although it is estimated that Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be introduced in 2023 with a sensor of 200 megapixels. May go. Let us tell you, apart from Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi are also going to launch phones with 200 megapixel cameras soon.

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