TB patients will get nutritious food items for free in Udaipur, this help is getting from the government

Protein-Rich Food For TB Patients: The Government of Rajasthan (Govt  Of Rajasthan) has made many facilities in the medical field free of cost, from operations to medicines. The Medical Department has taken a better decision for TB patients. The decision is that now free protein-rich food items will be distributed to TB patients. Right now, the amount received from the government every month is falling short, that is why this scheme has been taken out. At present it has been started in Udaipur.  Actually, under the Nikshay Sambal Yojana in Rajasthan, TB patients are given nutritious food. In this, 5000 rupees are given by the government but protein rich food is not available in it. 

These things will be found in free protein-rich ingredients

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District Tuberculosis Officer said this

District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. Anshul said that along with medicines, it is very important to take nutritious diet containing protein in TB disease. Getting a protein-rich diet increases the process of speedy recovery of the patient. This scheme has been launched to fulfill the commitment of TB free India by 2025.

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