Tea For Health: How correct is it to reheat and drink cold tea? get informed before doing this

After water, the second most consumed substance in India is tea. From big cities to far away high hills, you will definitely find tea everywhere. The consumption of tea increases in the winter season. Some people are so fond of tea that they neither see the day nor the night, whenever they feel like drinking tea without hesitation. Often you must have seen this in homes that people reheat and drink cold tea. But, doing so is not beneficial for our health. If you are also making such a mistake, then it can have a serious effect on your health.

Be it rain, cold, tiredness-headache or laziness, the alternative to all these is tea. Usually tea is made two to three times in every family during the winter season. During this, one thing that is seen in every household is that people drink cold tea after heating it again. Doing this is harmful for our health. Let us know what harm is done to our body by reheating cold tea.

These diseases happen 

When you drink tea again If you drink it after heating, all the properties and good compounds of tea come out. Reheating cold tea can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, cramping and digestive problems.

Bacteria gets into stored tea

< p> If you keep the tea made once for a long time, then bacteria go in it. In such a situation, drinking this tea after heating it again is harmful for our body.

Out of tannins

If you drink tea after heating it again. If there is, tannin comes out from it, due to which the taste of tea becomes bitter. In such a situation, it will spoil the taste of your mouth as well as harm your health. 

Keep this in mind

-If you It has been only 15 minutes since the tea was made, then you can heat the tea and drink it again. Do this only when there is no other solution
– Never drink tea on an empty stomach because it can cause acidity problem. If you have a habit of drinking tea in the morning, then eat something light with it. /p>

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