AC is installed in every house in this country, know what is the condition of America, China and India

AC: People, suffering from rising heat, get AC installed in their homes so that they can get relief from the scorching heat. Due to better living standard in many countries, people have started using AC. Even today in India, AC is associated with the status symbol. In India, it is believed that those who have AC in their house are considered to be of high status and those who do not have AC are considered to be of low status. You will be surprised to know that in terms of AC usage, India is far behind the global average rate of 8 percent. Contrary to this, there is a country where you will find AC installed in every other house. Come let’s know which is the country where 91 out of 100 houses have AC? 

The country with the highest AC usage 

The surprising thing is that most of the ACs are not used in the homes of developed countries like America or Europe, but in the homes of small Asian countries like Japan. AC is being used in 91 out of 100 houses in Japan. In simple words, people are using AC in 91 percent of the houses in Japan. America comes second, after Japan, most ACs are engaged in American homes, where ACs are being used in 90 percent of homes.

How many houses in China have AC 

Korea’s place is third in using AC. AC is used in 86 percent of the houses in Korea. Talking about China, only 60 percent of the houses have AC installed, with this China is at the fourth position. AC is being used in 16 percent of homes in Mexico and Brazil. 

What percentage of houses in India have AC 

India comes first in terms of population, but if we talk about AC, AC is being used in only 5 percent of the houses in India with a population of about 142 crores. India is a hot country and the use of AC is very less as compared to other Asian countries. 

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