After Twitter, now Instagram has started Pad Blue Tick service, started in this country and this is the price

Instagram Blue Tick : Twitter triggered such a wave of pad blue ticks that it has now reached meta as well. In fact, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, now owned by Meta, have also offered Pad Blue Tick. This simply means that Meta will now offer Blue Tick to anyone in exchange for money. However, to get Blue Tick, users will have to be ready to pay the fixed amount of the company. Meta is currently not in India but has started service in US. 

To whom did Twitter and Instagram give blue ticks earlier?

Till a time ago there was no service pad of Blue Tick. Blue tick was given only to a select few. Talking about Twitter, Twitter used to give blue ticks only to notable personalities or journalists. At the same time, earlier Instagram used to give blue ticks to media organizations, influencers, celebrities and politicians in front of their names. Blue tick used to identify the verified profile of that famous person, but now the game of blue tick is changing completely. 

Blue Tick Price of Meta

Meta has currently launched its Pad Blue Tick service in the US. If you sign up on the web, the service cost is Rs.989 ($11.99) per month. Moreover, if you sign up on mobile then the service cost ($14.99) is Rs.1237 per month. Also note that if you sign up on the web, you will get blue ticks only on Facebook, but if you choose the  App Store option, you will get blue ticks for both Facebook and Instagram. This is the reason why the cost of mobile service is high. 

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