Android operating system came in this phone for the first time in India, the price was so much

First Smartphone With Android OS: You must be using all Android smartphones. If you are also an iPhone user, then at some point you must have used an Android phone or there must be an Android user in your house. Android smartphones are cheaper than iPhone. Android is Google’s OS. Do you know which was India’s first Android based smartphone? What were its specs and at what cost it was launched. If not, today we will tell you about it. 

Android OS came for the first time in this phone 

The first Android smartphone came in India in 2009 which was HTC Dream. The first version of Android was installed in this phone. Although this phone was launched in the US in 2008, but it was introduced in India in 2009 and became available for sale from June. Talking about the specification of HTC Dream, the phone had a 3.2-inch display, MSM7201A chipset, 3MP rear camera and 1,150 mAh battery. There was no front camera in this phone. In HTC Dream, the company used to give 192MB RAM and 256MB internal storage to the people. The price of this phone was Rs 14,999 then. A keyboard and track ball were available in this phone, with the help of which the cursor used to move here and there. 

Android 14 will roll out soon

Google will release Android 14 for all users in August. Currently it has been released for some beta testers. The new operating system will come with better privacy, performance, battery support and many new features. In Android 14, people will also get the feature of predictive back gesture. Android 14 beta is currently available on some Pixel devices. People can also enroll for this in Nothing Phone 1.

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