Are these settings on in your phone? If yes, then stop immediately, you will be in profit.

Smartphone Tips: There are many such settings in the Android smartphone, if you keep them on then it consumes more battery. Along with this, the chances of getting data hacked also increase. If these settings are on in your phone too, then turn them off immediately. Anyway, it is easier to hack Android smartphone than iOS because it is an open network and anyone can tamper with it.

Turn these settings off 

Allow location access only when needed 

Give location access to any app or website only when it is needed. If you have given location access to all the apps, then it will cost your battery more and also you are disclosing your location to everyone. In this case anyone can know your location.

WiFi and Bluetooth Scan 

If you use Android smartphone, then both these options must be open in your smartphone. Turn them off now because because of this the battery runs out quickly. Also, due to this option being on, your smartphone can connect with any unknown device and your data can be hacked. This setting is given in the phone so that even when WiFi and Bluetooth are turned off, your device can access nearby available networks and the apps that need it can get the network.

Hide notification content 

All our important information is saved in the smartphone and we get all the new information in this. New messages and OTP etc. also come in this. In such a situation, if you have not hidden the notification content, then anyone can read it and sensitive information can reach others. So always keep the notification content off.

Turn off Location History 

If you keep the location history of your smartphone on, then Google keeps an eye on you. Then according to this the company gives you information about ads, hotels, clubs and shopping malls. That is, you are targeted for different things according to the location. That’s why keep the location history off. To turn off Location History, go to the Settings of the Android smartphone and then go to the ‘Data and Privacy’ section after coming to the option of Google Account and Manage Account in it. Here if location history is on then turn it off immediately. 

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