Connecting iPhone to Windows 11 can be dangerous for you, why?

Window 11 iPhone Link: Microsoft had recently given a new feature to Windows 11 users, under which they can connect their iPhone with Windows 11 and receive messages, calls on the iPhone. etc. can be viewed on desktop or laptop. Microsoft also provides a similar feature to Android users. But in the meantime, the developer of the app, Certo Software, told that due to the new phone link update, cybercriminals or hackers can gain access to iPhone data and use people’s data in a wrong way.

Last month, Microsoft released the Iphone Phone Link feature for all Windows 11 users. Under this, window users can see iMessage, calls etc. on desktop or laptop. This feature was launched in 39 languages ​​and 85 different markets.  

How iPhone can be hacked

According to a report, cybercriminals can connect the Phone Link app with any iPhone and the iPhone user will not be aware of this. In this way, they can see all the data of iPhone users on their desktop or laptop and can access the incoming messages, OTP and contacts on iMessage. In the report, iPhone users have been advised to regularly check their phone connection to see if it is connected and whether there is any unknown Bluetooth pairing. If an unknown device appears, delete it. In the report, an advice has also been given to Apple, in which it has been said that the company should bring such a feature that when the iPhone is connected to Bluetooth and files are being shared with it, it should indicate this with a green flash light. This feature is already present in iPhone for camera and microphone.

Please connect your iPhone with any other device carefully so that your data is not hacked.

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