Do you know when the first smartphone was launched? It was not at all like today’s phone

World First Smartphone: Smartphone has become an important part of our life today. It is difficult to live without it now. Don’t know how many times people run their smartphones in a day. Smartphones ranging from 6-7 thousand to 1- 2 lakh are available in the market. We all have smartphones today. But do you know about your smartphone when it started or which was the world’s first smartphone and when it was launched. If not, we will tell you today.

This is what the world’s first smartphone looked like

The world’s first smartphone was launched in 1997 named Ericsson GS88. It was also known as Penelope. Only 200 models of this smartphone were made, which were later destroyed. This smartphone used to work on the Symbian operating system, in which a QWERTY keyboard and stylus were available. After 10 years, the first iPhone came in the world, which was launched on 9 January 2007. The Ericsson GS88 was a prototype phone made in Kista (Sweden). Commercially this phone did not come in the market. This smartphone looked similar to the Nokia 9000 Communicator.   

The option of notepad, calculator, world clock, internet etc. was available in this smartphone. The keyboard that came with the mobile looked exactly like the keyboard coming in the desktop or laptop.

This was the world’s first mobile phone 

Before this smartphone Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was launched which was the world’s first mobile phone. This phone was designed by Martin Cooper, who is also known as the father of the mobile phone. Martin Cooper made this phone for Motorola. Motorola still makes smartphones today. Soon Motorola’s new phone Motorola Edge 40 is going to be launched. 

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