Government took action against increasing scams, now mobile number will not have to be given while making bill

Mobile Numbers for Generating Bill: You must have noticed that when you go to a shop to buy goods, the shopkeeper asks for your number to generate the bill. Shopkeepers do this to store customer data. Have you ever had trouble sharing your number with a shopkeeper like this? Well, the government has now spoken out against it, and shopkeepers can no longer force you to give your mobile number. The government has taken this step to protect customers and prevent online scams. 

No need to give your number for bill now

Recently, the government has come into action regarding the cases of WhatsApp and call scams. The government is taking several steps for user security. It has been seen that cyber thieves often execute these scams through mobile phones and WhatsApp messages. Now the government does not want your personal data to be in the hands of cyber thieves. Keeping this in mind, the government has issued an advisory asking shopkeepers not to force customers to give their exact details.

Customers had complained

The advisory was issued because as per a PTI report, several customers have complained that  shopkeepers refuse to provide service unless customers share their contact numbers. Sellers often say that they cannot bill customers unless they provide their contact details. However, this is considered unfair and goes against the Consumer Protection Act. Sellers cannot store customer information in this way,  and it unfairly restricts customers. 

Customers receive unwanted messages

It is not mandatory for the customers to give their mobile number to the retailer to receive the bill in India. However, retailers often insist on sharing the number for billing purposes. When shopkeepers have access to your phone number, they may use it to send you unsolicited marketing messages or make unsolicited cell calls. 

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