Hide your girlfriend-boyfriend chat on WhatsApp like this, no one other than you will be able to read the message

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature: WhatsApp has introduced a new privacy feature. If you always have the fear that someone might read your partner’s chat, then you don’t have to worry anymore. WhatsApp has brought you the feature of locking chats. After locking a chat, only you will be able to access that chat. When locked, your entire chat will go to a secure folder. The great thing is that WhatsApp Lock will also hide the content of chats from notifications. This feature has started rolling out for both Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature

This feature creates a separate folder of locked chats, like archived chats. You can access locked chats by clicking on that folder of chat lock. Locked chats don’t appear in the chat list. In this case, even if someone accesses your phone, he will have to unlock the chat before accessing your partner’s chat. The locked chat folder can only be opened with your device password or biometric authentication (fingerprint). 

How to lock WhatsApp chat?

You will find the WhatsApp chat lock feature in the chat info section. Open the particular chat you want to lock. Now go to the Info section, scroll down and click on the option ‘Chat Lock’. Then you will get a sign to lock the chat with your fingerprint. After this the chat will go to the secure folder of the app.

Whenever you want to open the chat, you just tap on the locked folder. Select chat and unlock it with your fingerprint. iPhone users can use Face ID. This feature has been rolled out for all users. If you haven’t got the feature yet, you can update WhatsApp or wait for some time. 

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