If you do not use ChatGPT now, then you can delete the searched items and accounts in this way

How to delete chatgpt Account? Open AI created a sensation by launching Chat GPT in November last year. This chatbot attracted the attention of big giants by achieving 1 million traffic in just a week. By January, this chatbot created a record by achieving a userbase of 100 million. At present, Chat GPT is in full swing all over the world. After Chat GPT came into the market, many other chatbots were also launched and many tech companies also started working on their chatbots. Tech joint Google has also launched its AI tool Bard.

If you are a person who does not use Chat GPT now or has not accessed it for a long time, then today we will help you This will tell how you can delete your data and account chat from GPT. By doing this your data will not be stored on the server and privacy will also be maintained.

How to delete 

  • Chat GPT account first Login to and click on your e-mail ID shown at the bottom left 
  • Then go to Settings and click on the option of Clear Chats coming in the ‘General’ option to delete the chat history .
  • Now select the option of data control and click on delete account. Note, you will be able to delete the account only if you have login account in the last 10 minutes. If you delete your account after 10 minutes, you will need to login again.

Chat GPT launches app 

Open AI has launched the Chat GPT app for iOS users in the US. Soon the company will launch the app for Android users as well. With the help of the app, users can access information in one click. Last month, Open AI had given the option to turn off chat history in Chat GPT. On turning it on, the chatbot will not save the chat list and the privacy of the user will be maintained. Also, unsaved chats will be automatically deleted from the server after 30 days.  

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