If you have installed this app in your Android smartphone, then delete it immediately, your data is being monitored

Android App: We all know that Android smartphones are cheaper than IOS. Apart from being cheap, there is also a risk of hacking in them because Android is an open network and it is much easier to break into it than IOS. There are many such applications on Google Playstore which are stealing people’s data. Google has taken action against many of these apps and many are still being monitored.

Meanwhile, security researchers from ESET have informed about an app on Google Playstore that this app was stealing people’s data since a year after its arrival on Playstore. Researchers told that ‘iRecorder – Screen Recorder’ An application named Naam was launched on 19 Sep 2021 . A year later, the developer of the app updated its new version 1.3.8, after which the app started collecting people’s data.  

The app was doing all this secretly 

Researchers told that apart from screen recording of people, this app was also sending nearby voices to the control center of the attackers. The app also uploaded web pages, photos, audio, video and document files saved from the device to the Control Center. When the researchers gave this information to Google, the company immediately removed it from the Playstore. Although by then more than 50,000 people had downloaded this app. If you have also installed this app, then delete it immediately because it is keeping an eye on your data from inside.

This is how people were fooled

The code that the developer added to the app was based on the open-source AhMyth Android RAT (Remote Access Trojan), which the researchers described as AhRat. This Trojan was able to exfiltrate people’s call logs, contacts and text messages, get a list of files on the device, track device location, send SMS, record audio and take pictures. Because all these permissions are necessary for the screen recording app, because of this no one came to know about it, nor did the app ask for some extra permission from the people.  

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