In the affair of free…free…free, a woman lost 7 lakhs with hard work, don’t make this mistake

We Indians like any item that is available for free and we easily believe in any thing or person as soon as we hear the word free. A woman from Mumbai lost her hard-earned Rs 7 lakh in a free-free affair. Actually, the woman got a call from an unknown number in which the person called himself Saurabh Sharma and said that he is speaking from the bank. Saurabh offered a credit card to the woman and also talked about giving free membership of a sports club in the city. The woman was happy on hearing the offer and agreed to the credit card.

The woman provided Sourav her Aadhaar card and other personal information so that the credit card process could start. Saurabh then told the woman that she could activate the credit card from home through an Android phone. Although the woman used to run the iPhone. Then the scammer also gave the woman an Android phone for free to execute the scam. The scammer also took the woman’s address to deliver the phone to her home and delivered the phone the same day. 

Scammer named Saurabh Sharma had already installed two apps DOT Secure and Secure Envoy Authenticator in the phone. As soon as the woman got the phone, she inserted the SIM card in it and started the activation of the credit card. Shortly after this, the woman received an SMS in which Rs 7 lakh had been deducted from her account. On receiving this message, the woman felt that she had been a victim of a scam and then filed a case against it. 

How to keep yourself safe

The scammer cleverly stole the personal information of the woman and using it, squandered Rs 7 lakh of her hard-earned money. The only mistake of the woman was that she got greedy for freebies and from here the scam started. Always keep in mind that never share your personal information with anyone. Never tell anything especially to unknown people. If you ever receive such a call or any other kind of message, ignore it and protect yourself from such scams. 

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