Is the cover harming the phone instead of benefiting it? Read this news and decide

Disadvantage Of Phone Cover : Nowadays it is normal to buy very expensive smartphones, because of the high cost and newness, we take great care of our phones. Most of the phone’s back panels are made of glass, so we immediately put screen guards and covers on it so that the screen and back do not get scratched. Everyone who owns a smartphone is well aware of the many benefits of phone covers. On the contrary, if you are told that there are many disadvantages of the phone cover, then perhaps you will not even believe it. Now you must be thinking that how can there be any harm from the phone cover, but it keeps the phone safe. You are thinking wrong, just as there is an advantage of putting a cover on the phone, in the same way it has many big disadvantages too. Let us tell you what are the disadvantages of phone back cover? 

1) If you use a cheap phone cover and do not use a good quality phone cover, then there is a high risk of bacteria accumulation. 

2) By applying the phone cover, the phone heats up quickly, so the phone hangs fast and runs intermittently.

3) According to some reports, when the phone starts heating up due to the cover on the phone, then the phone is not able to charge fast and charges slowly.  

4) If you use a phone cover with magnets, then it also causes problems with GPS and Compass. 

5)Nowadays phones are coming with very beautiful and more than one design, so if the cover is put on the phone then its design and look gets hidden and the phone looks simple. 

Protecting phone cover damage 

To avoid damage to the phone cover, you should take off the cover while charging the phone. Keep in mind that whenever you play the game, the phone cover should be removed. If you shoot a long video, the cover should be removed before that.

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