Now you can book metro tickets through WhatsApp, no need to stand in long queues

Book Metro Ticket on WhatsApp : There was a time when Metro was started to reduce the crowd and traffic. Now long queues are seen in the metro itself. Are you tired of long metro lines? Do you want to avoid long queues outside metro stations? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then we have brought such news for you, so that you will not have to stand in long queues. Actually, now you can book your metro ticket through WhatsApp. Wondering how? All this will be done with the help of chatbots.

The people of this city will be able to book tickets through WhatsApp

A lot of questions have been asked today. Let’s go to one last question and that’s it! Are you in Chennai? This is because the online ticket booking system has not started in Delhi or Delhi NCR but in Chennai. Chennai Metro Rail Corporation Limited (CMRL) has worked towards simplifying and developing the ticketing process for Chennai Metro commuters. Chennai Metro Rail Corporation Limited has launched a WhatsApp chatbot-based QR ticketing service in association with Carrix. Here’s how you can book tickets on WhatsApp. 

How to book tickets?

To use the service, you need to have on +91 83000 86000 "hi" The conversation has to be started by sending a message. Plus, you can even scan a QR code to start a conversation. After connected, many services will start showing on the screen. These services include booking tickets, checking fare and route details, selecting originating and destination stations, etc. You can get all the information related to metro ticket by following the instruction and can also book the ticket. 

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