Online or retail store… where do you get cheap new phone of any company? Remember this when you go out to buy

Smartphone Buying Guide: Smartphone has become an important part of our life. Living without it is not even worth imagining. Smartphones ranging from budget range to premium quality are available in the market, whose price ranges from 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees. If we ask you what research do you do before buying a new smartphone, then your answer will be its specs, price etc. This is absolutely correct. Today we will tell you where you can get a new smartphone cheaper. That is, offline or online, where you will get the mobile phone at a lower price.

Actually, whenever a new phone is launched, the maximum discount is given on the festival season. For example, if a phone is launched today for Rs 30,000, then it can be bought cheaply online for Rs 3 to 5 thousand at the time of Diwali. If you tell the latest update, people will get huge discounts on the Google Pixel 7a smartphone launched just a few days ago in Diwali and they will be able to buy the phone online cheaply for 6 to 7 thousand rupees. That is, more discounts on new phones are given online at the time of festival season. In normal days only people get bank and exchange discount.

Check these before buying a new one

Before buying a new phone, check its rates on all e-commerce websites. Also calculate the exchange and bank discount. Check the price of the phone on the official website of the mobile company as well. If it is festival season, then check offline as well because at that time attractive discounts are also given at the store. Buy the phone only after comparing both the places. In most of the cases, the phone is available online cheaper because here the exchange discount is more than offline. For example- Currently the price of iPhone 11 is Rs 40,999 on Flipkart but an exchange discount of Rs 30,000 and a bank discount of 10% is being given on it, which you will not get offline. Even if exchange discount is available at the offline store, you will not get the value of the phone as much as you might get online. So always calculate everything before buying the phone and then choose the best deal. 

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