Ordering goods from Amazon will be expensive after May 31, if you have added something in the online ‘Cart’, then order immediately.

Amazon Shopping to be Expensive: If you have added something to the ‘cart’ in the e-commerce website Amazon, then order it immediately because after May 31, ordering goods from this platform is already prohibited. Going to be more expensive. According to a report by ET, Amazon is about to change its seller fees and commission charges, after which the prices of the products may increase than before. Let me tell you, the e-commerce company earns its money only through commission. Sellers sell goods through this platform and the company charges money in return.

Actually, the company has taken this step as part of its annual process and after May 31, new rules will be implemented on the platform, as a result of which the products may become costlier than before. According to reports, the company is going to increase seller fees in categories like clothing, beauty, medicine, grocery etc.

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