Social media company gave this ‘Much Needed’ gift to women before Women’s Day, you will be happy to know

Paid Period Leave By Chingari: If you are fond of shorts, then Indian shot video app Chingari must be installed in your mobile phone. More than 5 crore people have downloaded this app so far. Meanwhile, the company has taken a historic step and has given a big gift to women before Women’s Day. Actually, the company has announced 2 paid periods leave in a month for women employees. The company has implemented these leaves with immediate effect. Means now women employees will get two additional leaves apart from the leave fixed in the company. 

Rally is also being organized on Women’s Day

The company said that this step has been taken so that women can focus on their health as well as get some relief from the difficulties they face during difficult days. Apart from this, the company has also taken this step so that the taboo against measurement in the minds of the people in the society can be removed. The company started #GARI4NARI last year. Under this, the company is working to empower women in India by providing financial assistance to the needy people. Chingari Co-Founder and CEO Sushmita Ghosh said that the company understands the role of women in the work place and our new policy will help women employees to maintain a balance between their health and work.   

Let us tell you, Chingari is also organizing a bike rally in Mumbai on the occasion of Women’s Day tomorrow i.e. March 8, in which more than 1500 women will participate. 

What is Chingari App?

For those who do not know what Chingari is, it is a mobile application in which people can watch and upload shorts videos. Actually, when the Government of India banned TikTok, then the Chingari app became increasingly popular. You can download this app from play store. Not only can you make videos on this app, but you can also earn good money from it. It supports 8 to 10 languages.

Recently Facebook has taken this step

Meta has recently increased the limit of Reels on Facebook from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. That is, now creators can express themselves in a better way. Apart from this, the company has given many new features to the users.

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