The phone kept in the pocket of the elderly suddenly exploded, before this happens to you, keep these important things in your mind

Smartphone Blast: Surprising news has come to the fore from Thrissur district of Kerala. Here the mobile phone kept in the pocket of an old man’s kurta suddenly exploded. After the explosion, the phone suddenly caught fire. The matter of relief is that the old man narrowly escaped from being burnt in the fire. However, this case is going to give goosebumps. If the phone had blasted more quickly then anything could have happened. The elderly could also have suffered serious injuries. Police said that this is the third case of mobile phone explosion in the state in less than a month. Now the question is why do these phones explode?

How to protect your phone from explosions?

According to which, this is the third case in a month. In such a situation, it seems that this can happen to anyone. Your security is in your hands. You need to be alert from now on. Let us know that due to which mobile phones explode. Knowing the reason, you can avoid being a victim of any major danger. 

Use original charger

First of all, you have to keep in mind that you charge your phone only with the original charger. If your original charger is also damaged, then you should buy a new original charger from an authorized store. If it ever happens that the original charger of your company is not available, then you should take the charger of a good company only. You don’t have to use any local charger at all. 

Heating is also the reason for the explosion

You should never put your phone on charging by placing it directly in the sunlight because it can heat the phone, which increases the chances of blast. If your mobile is heating up for any reason, then stop using it immediately. Use it only when the phone comes to normal temperature.

Cheap Battery 

Many times it happens that when the battery of the phone gets damaged, people often get cheap or local batteries inserted to save money. But, saving this money comes with the risk of losing a life. Cheap battery can blast the phone. 

Continuous talking on charging

Some people keep talking on calls or use the phone by putting the phone on charging. We would like to advise you to stop doing this completely. The temperature of the phone is high during charging, due to which the phone can get hot. Using the phone in this way will put more pressure on it, which may cause it to explode. 
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