This phone was launched in SPACE, the reason was this, then what happened?

Google Nexus One Sent to space: You must have heard that NASA has sent humans to space. Research continues on different projects and NASA sends astronauts to space through spaceships. But today we will tell you about the mobile phone sent in space. Yes, there is also a smartphone that was launched in space.

Actually, Google’s Nexus smartphone was launched on space in 2013 by the University of Surrey. This smartphone was sent into space so that it could be ascertained whether the satellite can be controlled from the mobile or not. At present, the information about where this phone is is not available. It may have been destroyed or it is still circling the earth.

Google Nexus 1 specs 

Google Nexus 1 had 3.7 inch display, 512MB RAM, 1400 mAh battery, and 5MP rear camera. This smartphone was launched in 2010. It used to work on Android 2.1 OS and its price was then around 10 thousand rupees. 

Google launches two smartphones globally 

Google’s Annual Developers Event was recently held in California. In this event, the company launched two smartphones which included Google Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a. Google has launched its first foldable phone in the market. Although it has not been launched in India yet. Google Pixel 7a has been launched in India. You can buy this in four colors which include Black, White, Gray and Blue. The phone has 5000 mAh battery, 64MP primary camera and 6.1 inch display.

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