Username will appear in place of phone number… Special feature is coming for WhatsApp group chat, you will get this benefit

WhatsApp: If you are worried that when you get a message from an unknown number after being added to a group, you cannot find out whose number it is, then you should know about the new update of WhatsApp. I would be very glad to know. Actually, WhatsApp has brought a new update for group members, in which the phone number will be replaced with the username of the member. This means that after the new update, on receiving a message from an unknown person in the WhatsApp group, users will see the username instead of the phone number. Also make it clear that the update will only work for group chats, not individual chats. 

What will be the benefit of this update? 

Yes, it can be said that this update is not very big, but after this update it will be easier for the users to know who has sent the message? Now it is not possible to save every number in contact and especially when you are a part of a big group. This feature will only work for group chats, but at the same time this feature can also work while viewing the list of members in the group. This latest update of WhatsApp will make it easier for users to understand who is the sender of messages from unknown numbers? 

Is the feature rolled out?

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