YouTube ad’s new policy… long advertisements will appear, this is the only way to skip

YouTube : Do you watch YouTube on Smart TV? This question is ours because those watching YouTube on Smart TV can now get to see long ads. In fact, Google has told in a blog post that the platform will start adding longer ads to YouTube videos being shown on Smart TVs. The company has said that a 30-second advertisement will be shown on those videos. The bad news is that you will not even be able to skip this ad. Currently, YouTube shows two 15-second commercials on a single video with a skip button. However, the ad may vary depending on the video.

Currently only new policy has come in the market

Before you have a heart attack, we’d like to clear that the new advertising policy is only for people who are in the U.S. I watch YouTube content on TV. There is no confirmation on when this will or will not be done in other markets. It is being said that if the new policy works well in the US market, then it can be brought to the Indian market as well. 
Remind you that in India, even though Not only do you get to see a 30-second long advertisement, but 15-second advertisements do appear, which bothers many times. So, how can you skip those ads on YouTube? Let’s find out.

How to skip long commercials on YouTube?

Well, currently the only way to skip the long commercials on YouTube TV is with the company’s YouTube Premium subscription. You do not have to pay much for this. The good thing is that you get a lot of benefits with the subscription, which includes watching YouTube music and videos in pip mode, etc. Talking about the price, the price of YouTube Premium subscription is Rs 129 per month in India.

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