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Let’s start

Vansh in fornt of whole school announced ridhima as his girl and if anybody dare touch and mess with her he and she is see his wrath all school is known vansh anger issues and know that ye school uske dad ka hai so all is scared from him and everyone knows that vansh ne us boy ko almost kill he kr diya tha so everyone nods.

Vansh is hell angry then angre comes

Angre : what’s that haan you almost kill

Vansh : he deserves that he try touch something mine if anybody try touch mine things then ready to go hell and ridhima is mine serif meri hai vo mine to love mine to hurt mine just f**king mine you get that agr koi humre bich me aaya to m usse humesa ke liye God ke pass bj duga and goes from there . Angre is scared to see his madness and possiveness about ridhima and pray for there well being.

Vansh is ready for he is wearing black shirt and jins looking is stunning and go to ishani room ishani is also ready in offsholder one piece looking gorgeous

Ishani : someone is looking smoking hot

Vansh : ishani I’m bron hot and handsome

Ishani rol her eyes : bhai can you pick ridhu from her hostel and vansh nods and go from there.

In hostle

Ridhima is also ready and wait for ishani then someone knock on door she open see vansh is here looking hot and handsome she is drool on him vansh also noticed that and to tease her

Vansh : sweetheart stop looking at me like there is nothing to see and ridhima embarrassed and averted her gaze now vansh noticed her top to bottom and Mesmerizied to see her in a pich colour offsholder one piece which end on her mid thighs vansh getting hard now ridhima also noticed it and srmiks

Ridhima : stop staring at me like you eat me here vansh also embarrassed

Vansh : kya baby you looking stunning

and ridhima said in his ear and you get so much hard that your monster is eargly waiting for come out and winks at him and go to car and sit inside then see vansh is standing there with open mouth .

Ridhima : smriks at him and give him a flying kiss and vansh shocked and come to car and sit on driver sit and asked ridhima are you ok


Ridhima : yes vansh i know you are like me because aag dono jagh braber lgi hui hai you know what I also like you and but m chahti thi tum mujhe ye baat bole likin angre bhai or ishani ne mujhe batya the great vansh ria singhania is apni crush ko propose bhi nhi kr sakta linkin pure school mein announced kr sakta hai ki m uski bandi hu i was hell angry on you but ishani and angre bhai se baat krke mujhe pata chla that you love me serially agr tum aake bolte to m kha nhi jati tumhe but like that you announced me in font of whole school that I’m your girl serially dil aa gya tumpe or now your are mine Mr rai singhania forever and ever and vansh pull her on him now ridhima is sitting on his lap and kiss her a minute they broke the kiss for breath.

Vansh : what to do sweetheart tumhre smane bus nhi chalta mera m tumhe hi kho jata

Ridhima : so cheesy

Vansh : na sweet and ridhima see him in confusion but after sometime understand his and glares him and vansh cukkles at her cuteness and start the car vansh is driveing and ridhima is sitting on his lap uncirle her arms around his neck and vansh trun the car.

Ridhima : vansh hum kha jaa rhe hai ye root party ka to nhi hai

Vansh : hum party me nhi jaa rhe hum mere farm house jaa rhe hai celebrate krne kuki m nhi chata koi tumhe drool ho because ye hak serif mera hai.

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