Tejashwi Prakash bought a new Audi Q7, worshiped by calling a pandit in the showroom, boiled coconut

Tejashwi Prakash was seen in this time’s Big Boss, his luck turned. She not only became the winner of Bigg Boss but also got a chance to play the lead role in Ekta Kapoor’s show Naagin. And now she is going ahead in the second innings of her career. At the same time, Tejashwi Prakash has also bought his new Audi Q7 as soon as the Naagin serial became a hit.

Pandit was called and worshiped
Tejaswi Prakash wanted to buy a new car on Gudi Padwa’s day but due to being busy, she reached the showroom after 3 days to take the new car home. At the same time, she did not reach alone to take delivery of the new car, but she was accompanied by Karan Kundra, who is seen standing with her every moment in Tejashwi’s success. Before taking the car home, Tejashwi Prakash also worshiped according to the customs. For this, he had also called Panditji. Tejashwi took the car only after worshiping the car and then breaking the coconut in front of the car. 

1 crore cost of the car
Tejashwi Prakash has bought a new car, its cost is around 1 crore. Many Bollywood celebs are also crazy about this car and have included it in their luxury car collection. At the same time, Tejashwi Prakash has also joined this list. Before coming to Bigg Boss, Tejashwi’s career was not going very well, but Karan Kundra and Tejashwi Prakash got the lottery as soon as they appeared in Bigg Boss. While Tejashwi is the lead actress of Naagin, Karan Kundra also has no shortage of projects. Where he is seen as a jailer in lock up, then soon he is also going to host another reality show.   

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