Temple Mystery: Know the story of that temple, where Shivling changes color three times a day

Mandir Mystery: There are many ancient temples in India, whose secrets have been attracting people for centuries. There is one such unique temple, in Dholpur, Rajasthan. Situated in the ravines of the Chambal river, people know this Shiva temple as ‘Achaleshwar Mahadev’ temple. It is said that the Shivling present in this temple changes its color thrice a day. Due to the temple being in the rugged, few people could come here earlier, but gradually devotees started coming here as soon as they came to know about the temple and special worship started here in the month of Sawan.

mysterious is Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple
Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple situated in the ravines on the banks of Chambal river, five kilometers from Dholpur, how old is the temple and when this Shivling was established, it is not even known about it. Is. But if the devotees are to be believed, it is said to be about one thousand years old. Excavation was also done once to know how deep the Shivling is in the earth. Even after digging for several days, people could not reach its end, then the excavation work was stopped. Till date the depth of this Shivling has not been estimated. The excavation of Shivling was also done by the kings and emperors in ancient times, but due to no end of Shivling, the excavation was stopped.

Shivling changes three colors in a day
It is said that this Shivling changes its color three times in a day. It turns red in the morning, saffron in the afternoon and dark at night. ? No one knows this. Even scientists have not been able to understand the reason for the change of color of Shivling in this way. Devotees made way from the side of Chambal bridge to see Lord Shiva in the temple. Although there is always a rush of devotees in this temple of Mahadev, but seeing the change of color of Shivling in the month of Sawan is considered a very virtuous in itself.

wishes are fulfilled
It is said that just by having darshan of this mysterious Shivling, all the wishes ‍shadows of a person are fulfilled and all kinds of troubles of life are removed. Any problem in life, after visiting this temple, one gets rid of it. It is believed about this temple of Mahadev that by seeing the Shivling, unmarried boys and girls get their favorite life partner. Here on Monday a huge crowd gathers to offer water to Shiva. as well as
By the grace of Shiva the obstacles coming in marriage are also removed.

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