Tension between Hindu-Muslim in Leicester, UK, incidents of violence and sabotage were done

Hindu-Muslim Clash in Leicester: There are reports of tension between Hindu and Muslim communities in Leicester, England. According to reports, there has been tension and conflict between the two communities since the August 28 match of the Asia Cup. India defeated Pakistan in this match. After this incidents of violence and sabotage were carried out in the area. According to the UK-based media publication Leicester Mercury, the incidents sparked a clash in Melton Road, Belgrave, leading to the arrest of 27 people so far.

Pakistani gang carried out violence-sabotage

Police controlled the situation by doing this

Police is conducting a search operation in the city. On Sunday, police tweeted, “Serious disorder occurred in parts of East Leicester from yesterday (Saturday) evening till today (Sunday) morning when groups of young people turning into huge crowds started unplanned demonstrations.” Told that a large number of officers were deployed on the spot for the safety of the people. A large number of people were searched to restore peace in the area.

Police appeal to maintain peace

Leicestershire Police have called on local community leaders in the area to establish dialogue and restore peace. Police said that violence or disorder will not be tolerated in the city. We have called upon the people to stay away from the area as long as the police action is on,” the police said.

Following reports of clashes on Saturday night, Rob Nixon, temporary chief constable of Leicestershire Police, said in a video message via Twitter: “We have received several reports of chaos on the streets of Leicester tonight (Saturday). Officers have been posted there. We are controlling the situation.”"text-align: justify;">Read also

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