Tension prevails in Iran against hijab, 5 protesters killed

Iran Hijab Issue: In Iran, the case of a woman’s death in police custody for not wearing a hijab has caught on. There is an atmosphere of unrest in the country and demonstrations are turning violent in many places. During this five people were killed in Diwandareh city. This is the part of the Kurdish region of Iran where the most protests are taking place.

How did Mahsa Amini die?

22-year-old Mehsa Amini was arrested by the police on September 13 for not wearing a hijab and she went into a coma after police beating, three days later Mehsa Amini died. Mahsa had gone to visit Tehran with the Amini family, but had no idea that not wearing the hijab would cost her life. Eyewitnesses say that on Tuesday, the religious affairs police arrested Mahsa Amini for not wearing a hijab, put her in a van and thrashed her badly. After this the news came that he had died.

Iran’s police denying allegations

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