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Scene 1
Munna’s friends dance and drink around the house. Nikhila says no one has ever drank like this in our house. Saksham says I need to stop them. Chiragh says I am calling the police. Gopika says I know how to stop him and make him realize it’s wrong. We have to do the same with him. Light goes off. Munna says what happened? Lights come on, a girl comes in dancing. Munna says who is she? His friends say you arranged item too? The girl dances with the men. Lajo says what is this? This is too much. Stop it. Munna says I didn’t call her. Saksham says I did. I thought you wanna party. Munna stops the dance. He stops the girl and takes off her viel. It’s Gopika. The goon says wow what an item. Munna slaps him. He says she’s my sister. Munna says what did you do? Gopika says exactly what you did. Saksham says you don’t care. If you can call them in the house and do this then why do you care now? Gopika says we have women in the house, was all this okay with them. Munna leaves in anger. Nikhila says I hope tomorrow is a new day.

Scene 2
Lajo and Jigar call in people for 2 rupees to use the washroom. Chiragh says what is this? Jigar says they’re using the loo. Saksahm says get out you all. Munna says you will leave. Gopika says this is our house. Don’t do this. Lajo says this is our house too now. Nikhila says Munna outsiders coming to the house.. Munna says they’re my people. Saksahm says leave the house right now. Munna says you can’t ask them to leave. Saksham shoves him. Munna slaps Saksham. Saksham hits him back. They hit each other. Gopika triesto stop them. They are about to punch each other, Gopika gets shoved. They stop. Munna says you always harm my family. He puts the gun on Saksham and says I will end all this. Gopika says the’s my husband shoot me first. He says they are my father’s murderer. Gopika says the one who did it is behind the bars. I will stand in front of them. Munna says then all Modis are my enemy now. Including you. Gopika says my family’s enemy is my enemy.

Scene 3
Lajo and Jigar put the house furniture on sale. Gopika comes and says stop it. Gopika smiles. Munna says what now? Gopika says there is an important announcement. Welcome to Modi supermarket. Give Munna’s demand to him and ours to us. Chiragh says 20 rupees for loo. The man says that’s too much. They put tags on everything. People start leaving. They say we can’t biy all this munna bhai. They leave. Munna says this isn’t right. Gopika says I am following your footsteps. He says I will kick them out of the house or you can change my name. Saksham says Chiragh start looking for a new name for my brother in lawer. Munna leaves. Gopika says what are these circumstances. Nikhila says I know what you’re going through but everything will be fine. This house is ours and will always. Gopika says he will keep doing these things. Saksham says I know how to stop him. Nikhila says Aashi come here. Let’s go to the chawl.

Episode ends

Precap-Jigar plays with the ball. Gopika stops him. Lajo mixes something in the food.

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