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Scene 1
Gopika goes in kitchen. Lajo says Jigar go and tell your dad there will be fun here. Gopika calls everyone for lunch. Nikhila isn’t feeling well. Gopika holds her and says are you okay? She says just headache I will be fine. Gopika gives her water and takes her to dinning table. Everyone else comes too. Nikhila says let’s start everyone. Gopika serves food to everyone. Munna comes and says Lajo, Jigar. Where are you both? See what I got? Egg curry. Everyone is shocked. He says your favorite. Nikhila is shocked. They sit on the floor and eat. Nikhila says we only eat veg in our house. Munna says we can eat whatever we want.. Saksham says this is going out of control. Gopika says let’s eat first. Lajo says leave the food. Aashi says we will eat. Jigar says what a game. Munna asks what are you both up to.

Gopika serves the food. Chiragh says tomorrow is ramnavi. We will play cricket in the street. Aashi sees chicken in her food and screams. Nikhila feels like throwing up. Munna says to Lajo you did it? Nikhila faints. Gopika holds her. Nikhila says I feel suffocated. Doctor says she was already not well and she feels worse with chicken. She will be okay. Nikhila says I am sorry maa ji. Munna says why did you do this? Lajo says for you. They stopped the chawl people from coming here. I didn’t know she would fall with seeing the chicken. Gopika says did you want to kill my maa ji? Munna says that wasn’t my plan. Gopika says this is too much. Chiragh says we can do police complaint. Munna says I am not scared of jail. Gopika says you have such a black heart. What are you teaching your son? He says look at your murderer family. Gopika says my family isn’t murderer. The person who did is in jail. They’r tolerating you because you’re my brother. Lajo says let’s see whose family wins.

Munna says let’s do a cricket match tomorrow. Saksahm says i can’t tolerate your family for a minute. Munna says go hide behind your mom. Saksham says don’t you dare saying a word against my mom. Munna says whoever loses tomorrow will leave the house. Gopika says challenge accepted. This is the best way to make them leave the house. Aashi says how can we you trust his word? Munna says I keep my word. Gopika says challenge accepted.

Scene 2
Gopika sees Minal is upset. She says nothing.. This is the first festival Keshap isn’t here. This had to happen beacuse this is right. Nikhila comes. Gopika asks how are you? SHe says I am good now. Nikhila says are you sure about your challenge acceptace. You will have to be separated from your brother either way. Gopika says what he and his family did was very wrong. He hates us all. I want this misery to end. Chiragh says we are all one team. Aashi says they will rent relatives. Ramila comes and says rent relatives? We are their real relatives. Aashi says what are you saying? She says Hitain, me and Tejal are in Munna’s team. Aashi says what? He wants to kick us out. Gopika says this is wrong. Ramila says it’s thte same for me. Who wants me in this Modi house anyway. Ramila says to Aashi think long terms.

Nikhila starts arti. Sumatra says I don’t want to do arti. Ramila says your husband’s murderer is in jail now. Do arti. Sumatra says what are you saying? She says Gopika isn’t here. Gopika says I am here. Sumatra says where were you? She says Munna didn’t tell me about the arti. Let’s do arti. She does arti with them too. Sumtra gives them both blessings. Jigar says how can you give both them blessings? She says they’re both my kids.

Episode ends

Precap-Empire says the winner of today’s match will get Modi house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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