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Scene 1
Munna says Saksham is in jail now. He will stay there. Gopika comes home. She grabs Munna’s collar and says have some shame. You’re happy ruining your daughter and sister’s life? Sumatra says you want to stand with our enemies? Gopika says you are ruining my life. Nikhila says see what you are doing to your daughter. You’re breaking her house. Munna shouts you old woman.. Gopika says talk with respect to my mom. I have no hope from people like you. She tears the rakhi. Munna says stop this drama. Gopika says you came back to my life to ruin my life? You can’t be my brother. You’re not my brother, people who are my husband’s enemy, they’re my enemy. I will get him out of jail. They leave. Munna says listen you will see I will destroy these Modis. Gopika leaves.

Ramila comes in Munna’s room and looks for the necklace. She says wow this must be very expensive. Munna won’t know who took it. She puts it in her bag. Jigar comes. Ramila hides. Jigar sees the closet open. He shuts it. He says how did it open itself? He leaves. Rmaila says thank God.

Scene 2
Aashi says how long do I’ve to stay hungry. Chiragh says I brought food for everyone. He makes Ramila eat. Nikhila says I don’t want to eat. Chiragh says what will not eating do? We’ve to be strong for Saksham. Aashi says yes let’s eat. He makes Minal eat. Gopika reads about a wrestler. Chiragh says she’s a wrestler. She has an open challenge for 20 lacs. Gopika says we can get these 20 lacs. Chiragh says how? Nikhila says it can kill you. No one will talk about it. Gopika says I will do it. Nikhila says wrestling is a talent not everyone can do it. Gopika says I will fight and win. We will get Saksham out. Nikhila says what will Saksham do when he finds this out?

Ramila tells Saksham. He says I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to you. Gopika says we have to get this money to save our house and you. Nikhila says it’s not easy. Gopika puts their heads on her head and says I will fight with Komal Kumari. The constable and inspector laugh. They say you will break a lot of bones. Jhumri broke all her bones. Gopika says I can’t be scared.

Scene 3
Gopika comes to the fight. She sees Komal beating down a woman. Gopika is scared. Komal defeats everyone. She throttles a woman. GOpika says she will die. Komal throws her away. The woman breaks her bones. Gopika picks her. Gopika says thank God I came here alone.

Episode ends

Precap-Komal says to Gopika you will fight with me? All your bones will break.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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