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Scene 1
Ramila says Muna is a goon. A kid says papa why did you bring him here? He says your dad will play now. Muna is about to hit a guy. He says I don’t wanna hit today, I wanna play. Mama ji says if he finds out what Modi family has done to his mother what will he do? I want his address. The says Muna bhai why did you bring me here? He says give me my money. The guy says I hae no money. Muna says let’s play a game. You will be the wicket, we will play cricket, if the ball hits you, you’re out. The ball hits him. The guy says I will give you money and I will never mix things in the food I sell. Munna says stop your schemes. Go now. His friends say wow brother you taught him a lesson.

Mama ji looks at him and says this is Munna. What will he do to the Modis. Mama ji stops him. Munna says what is it? Wanna get your money from someone? A woman comes and hits Munna. He says don’t do this please.. She says did you get the gas bill paid? He says this guy wanted to the talk to me. Mama ji says I wanted to talk about your mom Sumatra. Munna is shocked.

Scene 2
Saksham says to Keshap sign this confession letter. It says you murdered Gopika’s father. Sign it. Nikhila says we’ve made many mistakes, it’s time to fix our mistakes. Sumatra has suffered a lot already. She can’t be in jail for a sin she didn’t do. You should sign it. Saksham throws it and says I won’t sign it. Gopika says you did what you had to. I will get my mom justice. Minal says I knew our family would break. What will we do now? He says keep the cupboard secret with us.

Gopika says has maa eaten something? I will send her home food. Saksham asks what are you doing? She says packing food for maa. He says let me help you. Nikhila says you don’t need to send this food. Gopika says I don’t know if she ate jail food or not. Nikhila says you don’t need to take it because she will come home herself. I’ve called the lawyer. Gopika says to SAksham I know it’s not easy for you. He’s your dad. Saksham says the one who lost his life was also your dad. I stand with the truth.

Scene 3
Munna asks Mama ji who sent you here? His son sparks firecrackers. Mama ji gets scared. Mama ji says I have a solid news about your mom. Munna says murderer mom? Mama ji says your mom didn’t do the murder, someone else did. They blamed her and then detained her in a room for 20 years. She’s lost her mental balance. his wife asks Munna are you okay? Munna asks Mama ji who did it? He says Modi family. And your sister Gopika.. He says Gopika? Mama ji says she’s also in that house.

The lawyer comes. Chirgah gives Sumata’s medical reports. He says Sumatra will get bail immediately after this. Gopika says how will we get her evicted. He says by getting the culprit behind the bars. Gopika says if we wanna prove my mom innocent we have to punish the culprit. He says who are you talking about? Nikhila says don’t worry Gopika. Nikhila says Saksham’s father murdered Gopika’s father. That’s the truth. Saksham says please do anything and get Gopika’s mom out. We have to win the case even if it’s against my own parents. Keshap says we went to save our family and now they are against us. We had distracted the investigation and blamed it on Sumtra. But if case reopens the truth will come out. Minal says no.. We can’t let that night’s truth out. How do we tell them what happened that night? We have keep it hidden.

Sumatra says my Gopika.. Warden says you’re bailed. They’re here to pick you. She says did my Gopika come? Gopika.. Munna says maa. Sumatra is shocked to see him.

Episode ends

Precap-Gopika asks inspector whereis my mom? He says she got bailed. saksham says we didn’t come here. He says someone named Munna. Gopika hugs Sumatra and says maa who took you? Munna comes in.

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