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Scene 1
Jaya comes back and Krisha bumps into her. She asks where was she since morning? Jaya says I was around. Krisha sees a mark on her neck and asks what happened to her neck? Jaya recalls someone strangling her and says I wore a necklace that was too tight. Krisha nods and leaves.

Krisha comes to the mandir and sees Rati crying. She asks what happened? Rati says it’s nothing. Krisha says tell me. Rati says Raghav has some doubts about me and he thinks this baby is of Aarav, he wants to get a DNA test done. Krisha says how can he even think that? She calls the doctor and says you don’t need to come for any test. She tells Rati that there has to be trust in a relationship and you don’t need to prove about your character, I am always with you. Rati thanks her and leaves. Krisha comes there and thanks God for giving her the best husband.

Krisha starts getting ready and imagines Dev around her. She says my dreams and reality are both beautiful now. She says I am missing him.

Krisha comes to the balcony and says what must be the surprise for me? She starts walking near the pool and someone pulls her in. Krisha screams but turns to see it’s Dev. He lifts her and brings her to their decorated room. He says I don’t want anyone coming between us today. Krisha says you have made me feel so special today. Dev says I should be sorry for ill-treating you these past days. He says we will forget the past with hate and start a new life together. I was scared to lose you. Krisha says nobody can separate me from you Devraj Sir. Dev says stop calling me sir, you can call me Dev. Krisha says I like to call you as Devraj Sir, it’s special. He says really? He lifts her and puts her on the bed. Ang Laga De plays. Dev says my heart is filled with love tonight. Krisha says nobody can cast an evil eye on us anymore. Dev is about to kiss her but his phone rings. He takes the call and says no.. I am calling the doctors. Take her to our emergency room. He leaves from there. Krisha looks on.

Dev and Krisha come to the emergency room to find a Maharaj lying on the bed and very badly injured. Krisha asks Jaya who is he? She says He is Maharaj Maan Singh, he has done favors to us and saved Dev’s father’s life once. The doctor says his internal injuries are serious and he doesn’t have much time left. Dev asks about his Rani. Maharaj says she left me and it’s time for me to go. Dev says don’t say that. Maharaj says I don’t have much time left, my daughter Vamika will be alone after I die so it’s my last wish that you make her part of this family as Aarav’s wife. All are shocked. Minakshi thinks that’s perfect.

Aarav comes home with his girlfriend Aditi and says I don’t care if my parents don’t accept you. I just want you to meet them once as a formality and then we can start our lives. Aditi says don’t be so negative, we can convince them. I will win their hearts over with my gifts. Aarav says you can try but I don’t care if they don’t accept you.

Minakshi tells Maharaj that we are lucky to do this proposal. Dev says we should talk to Aarav about this. Kach says Aarav has already told us that he will marry where we want him to. Maharaj says I want Dev to promise me that Vamika will marry in this house. Dev says I promise you that Vamika will be our responsibility now. Krisha is stressed and tells him that he should have talked to Aarav. Dev says Kach has already talked to him and he should think about the family’s honor. He asks Krisha to take his side in this matter. Krisha looks on. Aarav is coming to the room but the guard says only family members can enter the room. Aarav leaves Aditi on the doorsteps.

The episode ends.

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