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Scene 1
Aarav comes into the family room. Maharaj calls him there. Kach says you have to fulfill your brother’s promise and Maharaj’s last wish. He whispers to him to do as I say otherwise I will kill Aditi. Maharaj tells Aarav that I want you to marry my daughter Vamika as she will be alone after I die, you are lucky to get a girl like her. Jaya says we have always heard good things about Vamika. Maharaj says my Vamika cares about family honor first. I might not live for this marriage but I want to do a formal ritual for this wedding. Dev asks Krisha to start preparing for it. He asks Aarav to take responsibilities seriously now. Aarav says I want to talk to you. He tries to talk to him but Kach says I will get him ready and takes him away.

Rati tells Krisha that we have to do a ritual that will confirm Vamika and Aarav’s wedding. Rati says I want to tell you something about Aarav. Jaya calls them and says we have to do the ritual fast as Maharaj is not well. Krisha comes to bring the sacred sheet. She finds Aarav tensed and asks what happened? Aarav says I like a girl Aditi but I say no to this marriage then my father will kill Aditi and her family. Krisha says you can’t say anything but I will talk to Dev. Rati comes there. Krisha says to make sure that they don’t use this sacred sheet for Aarav and Vamika. They come into the room. Krisha says I want to talk to you. Dev goes with her. Jaya calls Vamika into the house.

Vamika enters the house, dressed as a bride. Jaya greets her. Vamika says please take me to my father. Naina looks at her and tells Ugra that she doesn’t seem to care for her father dying.

Krisha tells Dev that I need you to talk to Aarav, I will go to Jaya. She goes from there.

Jaya tells Vamika that your father wants us to take care of you, he is not well and he wants to do the ritual today only with you and Aarav. She says I know and I have agreed to it.

Aarav tells Dev that I can’t marry Vamika. Dev says we all do marriages like this to save our family honor. Aarav gets a message from Kach which shows him near Aditi’s house and thinks I can’t put her life in danger. Dev asks him if he has anyone in his life? Aarav thinks I can’t tell him anything. He says I will do this marriage. Dev says good.

Vamika comes to her father Maharaj. Krisha thinks Aarav must have told the truth to Dev by now and he must help him. Maharaj is waiting for Aarav and Dev, he is not well. Jaya says we have to do everything fast. Vamika takes off her veil and finds Dev entering the room. They both stand on the opposite side of the sacred sheet. Krisha is shocked to see that. She stands between them, Dev says this doesn’t mean anything so don’t worry.

Aarav comes to Aditi’s house and finds blood stains there. Aditi is not there. Kach comes there and claps for him. He says you are late. I would have killed Aditi’s family but I am giving you the last chance to marry Vamika as I have kidnapped Aditi’s family.

Maharaj dies. Jaya says I am sorry Vamika, we couldn’t do the ritual before his death. Vamika sadly looks at him. Kach brings Aarav there and says let’s do the ritual. Aarav tells Vamika that I will fulfill Dev’s promise and I will marry you. Krisha thinks what is going on? Vamika keeps staring on Dev and Krisha notices it.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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