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Scene 1
Dev tells Jaya that Maharaj was very respected, we have to take care of Vamika. Jaya says Maharaj gave his kidney to your father so we have to pay him back, I have got Vamika’s stuff here so she can become a part of this family. Dev says yes, I will do everything for her now.

Aarav is crying, Krisha says you should have fought for your love. Aarav cries and says my own family is against me, I can never marry the love of my life. Raghav hears all that. Krisha goes to bring water for him. Raghav comes there and says you should be ashamed. Aarav throws him out of the room. Raghav says once I have a DNA report then I will tell everyone that he was having an affair with my wife. He call the hospital and gets to know that Krisha cancels the DNA report.

Ugra tells Naina that we can’t let Minakshi become a queen. We can scare Vamika so she runs away before marrying Aarav.

Vamika arrives at Dev’s house. Minakshi and Jaya bless her. Minakhi says I will be like your mother. Naina asks Vamika to take blessings from Ugra. Vamika says she is wearing black clothes which is an insult for me as it’s my first day here. She gifts her some clothes and asks her to wear those so that she can take blessing from her. Ugra throws the clothes away and says you think you can change me? Vamika says I am just doing things as per the rituals. Krisha arrives there and picks up the clothes. She gives them to Vamika and says I don’t know much about rituals but we should respect elders irrespective of what color they are wearing. Jaya says Krisha you don’t know much about royal rituals. Vamika says no, she is right. She takes Ugra’s blessings. Dev comes there and Vamika says he is elder to me so I will touch his feet also. Dev says that’s not needed. He welcomes her in the house and shakes her hand. Vamika is mesmerised by him. Krisha notices that. Jaya says I will take her to her room. They all go in the house. Ugra gives a hint to her man. He throws a pillar at Vamika. It is about to fall over Jaya and Vamika. Dev pushes Vamika out of the way and it falls over Jaya. She faints.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Jaya. Krisha asks how is she? He doesn’t give her an answer. Ugra asks Vamika if she is fine? She says yes, I am just worried about Jaya. The doctor says she had a spine injury and I don’t think she can walk again. Dev shouts that she is my mother, you have to do everything. The doctor says I don’t think she can walk anymore, we will keep treating her.

Dev sits with Jaya and says I am sorry, I couldn’t save you. Jaya wakes up and smiles at him. Dev says you will be fine soon. Jaya says I have heard everything and I know I can’t walk again. Dev says I won’t be able to forgive myself. Krisha says we can’t lose hope, there has to be some treatment for this. Vamika says I have a treatment, if a person has will then he/she can do anything. She asks Jaya to try to move her feet. Jaya tries but can’t. Dev can’t watch her in the pain. Vamika takes a sword and cuts her hand. All scream. Vamika says no one will come near me. She tells Jaya that my blood will keep dripping till you move your feet. Krisha tries to tend to her wound but Vamika says Jaya have to move her fingers first. Jaya keeps trying and finally moves her feet. All smile at her. Krisha does Vamika’s bandage.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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