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Scene 1
Vamika tells Dev you saved my life so I will make sure that Jaya walks again. She leaves from there. Krisha thinks I feel like Vamika is hiding something.

Dev is worried about Jaya. Krisha comes there and hugs him. Dev says Vamika has given me hope again. Krisha says we will take care of Jaya and she will walk again for sure. She says let’s pray for her and asks him to put a flower from the mandir on her bed. She says I will bring milk for her so wait for me.

Vamika is taking care of Jaya. Dev comes there. Vamika tells Jaya that you are like my mother so I will make sure that you feel fine.

Krisha makes food for Jaya and says I hope it makes Jaya happy.

Dev tells Jaya that Krisha gave a flower from the mandir for you. She wants us to put it near you. Vamika says why wait then? She puts the flower near Jaya while holding Dev’s hand. Krisha comes there and sees them together.

Krisha is angry and jealous because Dev put the flower with Vamika. She says should I be angry or not? Dev comes there so she tries to ignore him. Dev pulls her back and asks what happened? Krisha says I am miffed with you. Dev asks why? Krisha says you. We wanted to put the flower on Jaya’s bed together but you did it with Vamika. Dev says it doesn’t matter. Vamika took the flower before I could stop her. Krisha says you don’t care about my feelings? Dev says what can I do for you? Krisha says you have to make kheer for me. He says I will do it for you. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away and says I need to sleep.

Aarav is crying in his room. Kach comes there and asks if his drama is done? Aarav slaps himself and says you can control my life but not my emotions. Aditi is my heart so what can you do about that? Kach says good performance but I don’t care. You have to marry Vamika and make me rule this palace. He leaves from there. Vamika comes there and finds Aditi’s photos on the floor. She says sometimes we can share things with strangers. I know you have a past and I will give you time to overcome it but we can be friends, right? Aarav nods. Vamika starts to leave and thinks this loser can’t be my future if he couldn’t fight for his love.

Dev is cooking in the kitchen and Krisha is helping him. Dev pulls her closer and says I want you near me always. He gets a call and gives instructions to his manager. He puts some ingredients in the kheer and serves a bowl to Krisha. She tastes it and says it’s so delicious. Dev gets a call from the office. Krisha says I will take care of Jaya and stay at home. Dev goes to get ready. Rati comes there and tastes the kheer. She coughs and says it’s filled with salt. Rati teases Krisha. Krisha says I don’t care if this kheer is salty because he made it with love. Krisha asks if Raghav said anything to you? Rati says not yet. The servant comes there and says Jaya is not in her room.

Krisha and Rati are looking around for Jaya. Krisha finds Jaya on the wheelchair. She comes to her and says I was worried for her. Jaya says I asked my helper to take me of the room. Rati says where were you? The flashback shows Jaya meeting a mysterious man. Krisha thinks I have to make her smile.

Krisha plays antakshiri with the family and involves Jaya also. Ugra says I don’t want to be a part of this drama. Jaya says I will go to sleep. Vamika comes there and says I know what game you all will like, especially Jaya Maa. Krisha looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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