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Scene 1
Dev is looking at Krisha’s jewelry and says I will spend my life with her memories. He imagines Krisha coming there and says how can you lose hope? You have to fight for me. You have hurt me so you should apologize to me, do something to make up for what you did wrong. Dev says you are right, I can’t lose Krisha.

Raghav is dancing after getting drunk and tells Ugra that I have played a game that will make us win this time. He recalls how he took Vamika’s phone and called her serpent, I asked that man to kill Krisha. Vamika will be blamed for it and Dev will throw her out of the house.

Krisha is lying in her bed when a serpent throws a snake inside her room from the window. The snake jumps on the bed but Krisha doesn’t see it and goes to sleep.

In the morning, Krisha is looking for jobs. Her mother comes there and says you should forgive Dev, he has done so much for us so you can forgive him for one mistake. Krisha says I won’t forgive him till he realizes his mistake. I will become independent now. Her mother asks her to bring gorceries.

Dev arrives at Krisha’s house. She says don’t you have a job? Dev says pacifying you is my job, he gives her flowers but she throws them away and says you are wasting your time. I don’t want you to choose between your family and me because I know what your choice will be. Dev says you are my first choice now. Krisha goes to the market and Dev goes behind her.

Ugra comes to Raghav and says Krisha is in the market and your snake didn’t hurt her at all. You are a fool because that snake was poisonless, nobody is able to hurt Krisha. Raghav says I won’t spare her. He calls someone and says I have to get someone killed today only.

Krisha is in the market, Dev tries to talk to her but she doesn’t listen. Dev asks a kid to give a balloon to Krisha. The kid gives it to Krisha. She looks at Dev and smiles but then throws them away. Dev says I will keep saying sorry till she forgives me. Dev sends another woman to Krisha with flowers but Krisha gives them to someone else. Dev sends some bangles to Krisha but she throws them away. Dev is going behind Krisha but some men say that you are harrassing her. Dev says she is my wife. Krisha says I don’t know him. Krisha finds a snake in her bag. She screams and hugs DEv. The snake goes away. The men say sorry to Dev and leave. Dev asks Krisha if she is fine? Krisha says yes, she says you must have put the snake in my bag to save me like a hero? Dev says you really think that? Krisha says I don’t know you anymore.

Jaya asks Vamika to focus on the elections as we need power then you can do anything you want. Stop focusing on small attacks. Jaya gets a call and says what? She ends the call and says Dev called me, he said there was a snake in Krisha’s bag and he doubts you. Vamika says there are a lot of people who want to kill Krisha, it was not me. Jaya says someone is trying to frame you.

Raghav gives money to his goon and asks him to attack Krisha and take Vamika’s name as your boss. Dev is going behind Krisha in the market. Raghav’s man follows her in a truck and is about to hit her.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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